w e e k e n d


f e b . 6 t h 

* s o l d  o u t *

------------------ DELIVERIES ----------------


:: BECOME A ::



* fry em fresh * 

15 pre battered and frozen for 

crisp perfection!

sweet chili lime sauce and of course

green leaf lettuce

* s o l d  o u t *

**Preheat oil **

(vegetable, canola, or any oil that can handle high heat)

to 350 degrees.

Make sure you have enough oil in your pan so that the shrimp is fully submerged.

Fry till golden brown (about 90 seconds).

Sprinkle with salt, and enjoy.


+ add more shrimp $2.5 each 

**  SUP!ER  **


\\ BOWLS //

* s o l d  o u t *

lemongrass shrimp skewers, tamarind chicken

mini lumpia, and tofu money bags on 

thin vermicelli, cucumber, carrots & romaine

topped with fried shallots, dill, peanuts, cilantro green onion & lemongrass vinaigrette


add coconut shrimp $3 each

... Our Fav Beer Run. ..


-Wish you were here Hazy IPA -

-Rose Water Honey -

-Mild Pub Ale -

$7 a can 

delivery fee $7 

pick up available just email us!



An ode to Southeast Asian street food through hustle, fashion, art and events. 

SUP! Streetfood grew into a unexpected passion between two friends who shared their love for reviving a street food culture. Removing the kitchen wall and roof- we will show you that every bite tastes better when you can ask, annoy, hug, watch the person making your food. Specializing in southeast asian eats but also an international palette to take you where you want to go. 

Alina is a personal chef who's dream is to one day open a community space 

to celebrate traditional hand crafted artists through food and music.